School Community

Parental Involvement

At Trinity we highly value a strong partnership with parents.  We encourage parents to become actively involved in school life.  In order for parents to participate in school activities an up-to-date Working With Children Check and attendance at one of our Parent Helper Workshop sessions is required.

Some examples of ways parents can be involved in school life include:

  • Helping in the classroom;
  • Attending Family Learning Conversations;
  • Posting comments and/or feedback on their child’s learning through digital avenues;
  • Parents and Friends Committee;
  • Assemblies;
  • School Education Board;
  • Excursions;
  • Athletics days;
  • Sporting Events;
  • Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Lent and Easter Celebrations;
  • Advent and Christmas Celebrations;
  • Weekly Parish Mass held at school;
  • Feast Day Celebrations;
  • Activity days; and
  • Canteen duty.


The school canteen operates three days per week.  At the commencement of the school year, parents and students are notified of the specific days of the week the canteen is open including an updated canteen price list.  We have a healthy school canteen for our students to enjoy.