Learning & Teaching

Family Learning Conversations and Student Digital Portfolios

Family Learning Conversations (formerly known as Parent Teacher Interviews) are held twice yearly in Term One and mid-year.  The aim of the Term One Family Learning Conversation is to familiarise yourself with your child’s class teacher, to share relevant information about your child and to set student learning goals. The mid-year Family Learning Conversations are held to share the learning progress of your child as evidenced through your child’s learning portfolio and written report.

Reports are written mid-year, in conjunction with the mid-year Family Learning Conversations, and at the conclusion of the school year.

Digital Student Learning Portfolios document your child’s learning throughout the school year and can be accessed via the Student Google Drive.   Parents are most welcome to make appointments with their child’s teachers or the Principal at any time to discuss issues or the progress of your child.


Monitoring and Reporting on Student Performance Policy