Our School

General Information

Term Dates

2020 2021
Term 1 28th January - 27th March Term 1 27th January - 1st April
Term 2 14th April - 26th June Term 2 19th April - 25th June
Term 3 13 July - 18th September Term 3 12 July - 17th September
Term 4 5th October - 18th December Term 4 4th October - 17th December

School Hours – 8.45am – 3.15pm


If your child is absent from school we require a note of explanation the following day as this is a legal requirement.  Completing the absence form via the school app or a phone call to the School Office on the morning of the absence is appreciated.

Signing In and Out

If you are dropping your child off late or collecting him/her early you must visit the office and fill in the Sign In / Sign Out Register.  A written note is required if children are to travel home with anyone other than their parents.


The school basketball court turns into a carpark and drop-off area between 8.30-8.45am and a carpark and pick-up area between 3.00–3.45pm.  The carpark is clearly signed and it is essential for the safety of our students that parents respect these signs.  When leaving the carpark area all traffic is to turn left into Oakgrove Drive to reduce congestion. The staff carpark is not for dropping off or collecting children.

After school care

After school care is available within the school grounds through Youth Leadership Victoria.  After school care session times include morning, afternoon and school holidays by appointment.  Your child can be booked for this service on a permanent or temporary basis or as the need arises.  Application forms are available from the office.

Clean-Air Policy – No Smoking

The Victorian Tobacco Act states that there is to be no smoking within 4 metres of the school boundary.