Our School


At Trinity Catholic Primary School we believe that the social, emotional, moral, spiritual and physical wellbeing of our students is pivotal to student health, safety, learning and success.

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming school where everyone is valued and respected. Our committed and professional staff provide a safe, caring environment where we aim to engender a love of learning in every student.

Trinity Catholic Primary School provides a comprehensive curriculum that caters for the individual needs of students.  The learning is engaging, exciting and relevant.  We utilise modern technology within a contemporary learning space that is created and owned by the students. We encourage students to collaborate, listen, engage, inquire, question and create. We believe that strong links between home and school are vital and parents are offered many different avenues through which they can become involved in their child’s education.

Please feel welcome to make an appointment with the school Leadership at any stage should you wish to discuss any aspect of our school in greater detail.